Gumbumpers, it’s been 5 years since we first highlighted this phenomenal guy by the name of “Elijah Shaw” AKA “Mr. Bodyguard to the stars, philanthropist, protective services trainer and true renaissance man. A lot has happened in the world of Mr. Elijah Shaw since we last bumped gums. He’s traveled the world enough times to fill up the passport books of ten people.


Experiencing such broad travel Elijah has hit up every continent except Antarctica. This in itself is a huge accomplishment not many get to partake in. While traveling abroad Elijah sought the world from a different perspective, A rather intriguing eye that has been able to view the world more creatively. Which has birthed his new venture ( #LifeUpThere through Elijah’s eyes we are able to see many unique offerings of the world in photos. With this venture the philanthropic side is that viewers can utilize his works in exchange for donations for his program that purchases cameras for inner city youth. In hopes that providing cameras to youth will help them find their creative outlet as it has done for him.

If you can appreciate beautiful imagery check out some of Elijah’s AMAZING photos:


Zebras Free in Africa


Hong Kong

These are just a few images that caught my eye but, you can see work from his travels here: Global Photos

Elijah who has been a highly sought after guy due to his celebrity connections remains humble and keeps his eye on the overall prize. The big picture for him is keeping his clients safe, working in true confidentiality, giving back to women who are victims of domestic violence, and giving back to inner city youth; Elijah offered some great content for this eye-opening interview. Talking to Elijah shows you that he is really living life the way God intended for him. Not many people have traveled this road, especially being a product of a Chicago Housing project. Societies stereotyping of little black boys with his humble beginnings would deem him as worthless, before he opened his mouth and visions to dream. Elijah has worked against all odds and has made a name for himself and is a creating great legacy.

Elijah has provided protective services for Usher, 50 Cent, Kim Kardashian, Sean Combs, Diana Ross, Naomi Campbell, Fortune 500 companies and politicians…to name a few.




Kim & Elijah Shaw

Here in an interview Usher talks about Elijah:

The glamorous, celebrity filled side is good but, the bigger and more impactful things are to me what simply defines this guy!

Elijah also talked about his ISC Safety Network and what inspired him to give back to women that are victims of domestic violence:

As trained bodyguards people in my profession have a unique set of talents. My philosophy is; why just provide those for the famous or the wealthy? Giving back to society is also important. The ISC Safety Net is a program I started that provides free security services for women that are victims of domestic abuse. It’s no secret that law enforcement resources are stretched thin, so we fill that gap by escorting victims home to pick up belongings or to court appearances where they may have to face their abusive partner. For as long as I can remember my older brother has been involved in social issues, and I would cite him as my number one source of inspiration. He recently testified to congress about women’s issues, so he continues to motivate me to do more.


As you can see there is a lot to this man and the world has yet to see what else he has in store. It was truly a great interview and we look forward to bringing you more stories from people that are truly serving others.

To find out more about Elijah’s training for bodyguard services or to stay in the know you can visit his official website: ICON Global

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