“Who says you can’t buy Love?” Peep Toe, the shoe store, says you can…well, when it comes to fashion and shoes that is (smirk).  You all, as our most faithful readers, know that we always want to keep you up to date on what’s hot (and what’s not) in the fashion and entertainment realms across the world, both big and small.  Also, here at Gumbumper, we value and fully advocate business and people who start their own businesses.  I am especially an advocate for small businesses, and that is why I have chosen to introduce you all to Peep Toe.   For those of you who don’t know much about me yet, I’m from Detroit, Michigan.   Peep Toe is a cute, chic women’s shoe boutique that is co-owned by sisters, Tajie and India Brown.  It is located in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  Tajie and India grew up in West Bloomfield, a suburb outside of Detroit, and both had always been obsessed with shoes.   For some of us ladies, we live and breath fashion; oftentimes, it is an outward expression of who we are and how we fell.  I know on days I am NOT feeling so good, my clothes say it all and I look like who shot ya…in any case, these ladies were able to take their vision and build something spectacular.  “We want our customers to be trendsetters, not followers of trends.”

Being the very trendy and fashion forward womens shoe boutique that it is, it has also attracted the attention of many women!   Several celebrities (e.g. Ciara, cast members from “Girlfriend Confidential,” Christina Milian, and Britney Spears) and the like, have been seen wearing several of the shoes that the boutique carries.   My personal favorite is their leopard Dolce Vita shoe because it’s sleek, sexy, and has a platform that makes me about 6’1″.  In the picture below, the black bootie that Eva is wearing is Dolce Vita as well.  You can always catch ladies wearing Kooaburra, which is popular for its fringe bootie, as seen below on Megan Fox.

These two ladies are definitely on the right side of the map and making magic happen with their edgy and beyond the boundaries approach to fashion.  Trends can be great and fun, but it’s always nice to see fashionistas that go beyond what others are doing – Peep Toe has done just that with their variety of shoes and colorful approach to trendsetting.   Follow them on twitter @ShopPeepToe and on Instagram at @shop_peeptoe if you want updates and to get in on the fun!


Take care everyone,


“I will never say that I know it all…but I will say it so good, that you’ll believe it anyway.”



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