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Lil Mo is fully submitting to her man Karl Dargan and wants the world to know. Get the nuggets she dropped and decide if you agree inside…

Lil Mo and her boxer husband Karl “Dynamite” Dargan are still going strong after nearly 2 years of martial bliss. While it hasn’t been all peaches and cream, she said she’s finally at a place where she can fully submit to him as his wife. “CIVILIZED with a side of SAVAGE” is how she coined their relationship.

There have been countless debates on women — some discussions specifically about black women — NOT submitting to their husbands. Black women are often told they’re “too” everything. Too independent, too head strong, too controlling, and too aggressive to submit to a man. *insert eyeroll* The discussion tends to ignore the other little fact that plays a part in the relationship: If a woman believes in submission, as it’s her choice either way, a man needs to be worthy of submitting to.

It appears Mo feels her husband Karl is worthy, and she wants the world to know. And it has folks talking.

The radio personality (who is Christian) is joining her husband (who is Muslim) during his Ramadan journey.

The R&B songstress posted a coupledom picture of herself wearing a hijab gazing into her hubby’s eyes with a caption about fully submitting to her man and being loyal. She also hinted at a possible uncoupling.

She wrote:

CIVILIZED with a side of SAVAGE!! #alhamdulillah #love #zawj #muslimah #thedargans #darganovereverything #doe #theBOXERSwife forever ameen!! @dynamiteko @thelilmoshow someone said I changed because of HIM. I thanked them for noticing. Submission. Loyalty. Patience. Prayer. Fasting. Sacrifice. I never wanted to give up that control before. I’m such a BOSS the thought of me not RUNNIN THINGS made me cringe. But my husband said “stop acting like you have to take care of everything. Go lay down and rest. I got this”. He got my [heart emoji]. God got US!! And please believe we are constantly TRIED. But we always make it through. That towel that was going to be thrown in becomes the throw that covers us at night. All I really wanted was to be HAPPY!! Have a great day. #day8 #ramadan2016

Well good for them.

So we have to ask, what are your thoughts on submission? SPEAK ON IT!

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