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LeToya Luckett is wrapped in love….and she’s ready to dish about it. Find out what she’s saying about her new boo inside….

“Single Ladies” star LeToya Luckett’s boyfriend isn’t new afterall. But he is somewhat new to the public. Why? Because the YBF chick decided to keep him and their relationship under wraps. For two years!

We first uncovered the cutesy couple when LeToya and producer Joseph Macklin (known as Jo Blaque) were coupled up on a couple’s vacation with Ludacris and Eudoxie, Monica and Shannon Brown and more a few months ago. The twosome had us raising our eyebrows and wondering who he was….since they popped up as a couple seemingly out of the blue.

In a recent talk with Joi Marie McKenzie over at ABC Radio, LeToya revealed she as hesitant to unveil their relationship due to possible scrutiny from the online community. She wanted to first focus on building an amazing foundation as a couple. And we can’t fault her for that.

Here’s the highlights:

On Waiting Two Years to Reveal She Was Taken:
“I wanted to make sure that I built a foundation before just putting it out there. You know what I mean? I wanted to make sure that this is something real, that this is something that’s true and honest and not just to have a picture to post on Instagram. I think now it’s one of those things of, OK, this is something real. It’s honest. It’s not perfect. It’s two people that truly, truly, truly love each other but are friends.”

Why She’s Still Hesitant to Be Open About Relationship:
“I’m still even very careful when I do decide to share those moments. And you do get anxiety because there is always the ‘what if’ and…you know how you might go about doing things if things go wrong, but then you don’t know if somebody else is going to act a fool. It’s hard. You can’t think about that. You can’t always dwell on the negative or you’ll never let the positive in.”

Why She Thinks Blogs Criticized Her for Being Private:
“[I’d be] logging onto blogs and they were like,’Yo, she never talks about her personal life, what’s wrong with her?’ And it was kind of like, ‘Why does there have to be something wrong with me for me to want to just step back and really find out what it is that I truly want and take my time with that?’ I don’t like rushing into stuff and that’s why I’m not in a huge rush to just throw something out there, because that’s my heart.”

LeToya is getting a little more open about her love for her boo, posting a few us-ies here and there and calling Joe her Valentine:

My funny Valentine!!! #Booappreciationday

A photo posted by LeToya Luckett (@letoyaluckett) on Feb 14, 2015 at 1:03pm PST

Awww. Congrats to them!

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