Singer/Actress LeToya Luckett is featured on the cover of Edge Magazine’s Spring 2012 issue. The cover story highlights Luckett’s ability to capture the hearts of fans even after the separation from Destiny’s Child.

On growing up and maturing…

I was a rock, I never cried. I never wanted people to see how they’d affected me, I didn’t think that was ok to do. I was strong for everyone, I tried to control everything around me so that I wouldn’t be disappointed and it overwhelmed me.

As an adult now I’ve become much more ok with showing that I am human, I can cry, you can hurt me—but I’m still strong and it won’t break me.

On finding happiness in a relationship…

You can’t control someone’s actions and you can’t expect perfection from anyone, you’re going to have to learn how to live and love whoever they are—if you really want to be happy in a relationship.

On Life, Love & Music…

The little things matter to me more than ever. The time I have with my family, sending cards to my friends just because, just putting a smile on someone’s face. You get so used to just moving and shaking—you don’t even know what it’s like to just live.

Read the rest of LeToya’s Edge Magazine feature, here.

The print edition of Edge Magazine is on sale now for $10


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