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DMX was in rare form on The Breakfast Club this week. Find out a few things we learned about the troubled rapper that he professed during a tearful, deep interview…

Well this is one for the books. DMX is ready to release a new album (he and Swizz Beatz say they’re just waiting on beats from Dr. Dre and Kanye West), so he chopped it up with The Breakfast Club yesterday about what he’s been up to (and prayed with them).

Aside from explaining why he writes his rhymes on loose papers instead of in a notebook (because he’s scared of losing an entire notebook of rhymes at once), he revealed why music actually isn’t the most important aspect of this business for him.

He says the real reward is being able to meet fans directly and have them say a song he did inspired them or saved their life.

X also talked about the “U With Me” song on Drake’s Views album, a sample of his 90’s track “How’s It Goin’ Down.” Surprisingly, even though he’s not a Drizzy fan, he gave the 6 God his blessing after Drake called him up about using the sample.

As for his health, X explained how becoming more spiritual (he wants to be a pastor one day which, crazy enough, we can totally see), changed up his life. As an older rapper, he’s had to make smarter decisions. He’s still at odds with Jay Z over the mismanagement of his sixth studio album over at Def Jam, but he’s trying his damndest to both keep fighting his addiction demons and remain an independent artist.

And about that 15th kid of his on the way – by his 9th baby’s mother – he says he does, in fact, wear condomns. They just often break. Oh.

Hit the vid below where he talks planning a gospel album, Belly 2 being on the way, and more:


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