The tragic story that sparked the #JusticeforJunior hashtag has impacted many and has inspired lawmakers to propose a new law to make sure what happened to Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz will never happen again. Two New York legislators are proposing “Junior’s Law” that would require small businesses, such as the bodega that Junior was pulled out of, to keep minors safe, according to CBS News.

Junior was killed in the Bronx last month by alleged members of a gang in a case of mistaken identity. He ran into a bodega for help but was dragged out by the men and after the attack, he went back in for help.

“We want to make sure that any business owner or their employees who encounter a situation involving a minor who has been abused or may be in danger has a duty to try to help,” said New York State Sen. Luis Sepulveda at a press conference outside the bodega where Junior was killed. A second part of the law would also require small businesses to have first aid kits on hand in the event of emergencies.

We’ll keep you updated on the law as it moves forward, #Roommates.

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