Earlier this week Damon Dash publicly called out Lee Daniels in a post on social media where he let everyone know that he loaned the director $2 million, and he never received the money back.

That eventually led to a lawsuit where Damon says that Daniels left him out of a movie producer credit, along with the money that was already owed to him.

Lee Daniels recently sat down for an interview for TMZ’s “Raq Rants” and gave credit to Damon for helping him when no one else would.

Daniels said, “He was hurt, and it made me think because when nobody in Hollywood was giving me money after my Academy award unprecedented with Halle Berry. Nobody was giving me money; Damon’s crazy ass was crazy enough to give me money for ‘The Woodsman,’ and for Shadowboxer.’

Daniels continued to say that ‘Shadowboxer,’ didn’t pay off, but he’s now in a position to give Damon his money back. The money that Daniels calls an investment.

He also credited Dame’s support for being the reason why he was able to go on and make successful projects like “Precious,” “The Butler” and “Empire.”


Check out the interview below:


Source: http://www.tmz.com/2018/06/29/lee-daniels-payback-return-two-million-dollars-damon-dash/

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