The revolution apparently will be televised! LeBron James has decided to make his decision on where he will play next season officially on ESPN, Thursday night at 9pm.

The free agent superstar forward has signed an agreement with ESPN to air the decision tomorrow night with the stipulation that LeBron’s camp is allowed to sell sponsorship for the 1-hour program. Proceeds will go to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. ESPN has not been told of LeBron’s decision.

King James is no doubt a franchise unto itself! Noble move on LeBron’s part to raise money for a worthy and needy organization by having it capitalize on his free agent decision. How many athletes with James’ star power would have thought of that? Kobe???

LeBron is keeping a lid on his team choice…and you have to believe he already has decided. I said from the start I think it will be Chicago. We’ll find out tomorrow night!

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