Dwyane Wade left teammate LeBron James speechless momentarily following the Miami Heat’s 107-92 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Monday. While LeBron was giving a post-game interview, Dwyane decided to do a couple of cartwheels. (Some people question whether or not what Wade did was really a cartwheel, but we won’t get into that.)

The look on LeBron James’s face was priceless when he noticed Dwyane doing the cartwheel out the corner of his eye. Just as LeBron turned around, Dwyane did another cartwheel. LeBron is known for photobombing people (Dwyane Wade included), but it’s safe to say that Dwyane is the now the reigning photobomb/videobomb champ after that stunt.




“Yo, we’re going to a whole ‘nother stratosphere tonight with that one!”

Dwyane and Lebron took to Twitter:

THREE ✔ @DwyaneWade

A lot of people are saying my cartwheel from last night was avg… So let me see who can do it better… @ me w a video of u doing it better

LeBron James ✔ @KingJames

Yo did @DwyaneWade really do cartwheels during my interview tonight. Video bombing took a whole new jump tonight. Hahahahaha! #Classic

James said of the cartwheels. Check out the video of Dwyane Wade’s cartwheels below.

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