she is NOT doin’ another woman’s man and keep her child’s name out your damn mouth MediaTakeOut (whose known for making up stories  for page hits) made accusations of Lauren London stealing 23-year old football player Orlando Scandrick (who plays for the Dallas Cowboys) away from his fiancé AND that she accompanied him from Las Vegas to Atlanta with her son in tow. She took to her twitter page to clear things up because she is NOT playing games when it comes to her son Cameron, who she had with rapper Lil Wayne.

She also added, “Just had to clear that up. I usually ignore rumors but that one is just crazy and completely false.”

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  1. idc bout that. all i want to kno is when is she goin talk bout other rumors that has been
    about her this year? grl u kno what im talkin about……. I dont have to say his name
    but he says that hes not dating u over and over and i have searched so much with no
    help from u and u need to answer it cuz ur gettin on my nerves and i didnt even watch
    this christmas. this year cuz of u, lauren

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