“The Game” star Lauren London has signed on as the face of her good friend’s “Owners” clothing label.

Lauren London is using her good looks to help launch the new clothing label of her BFF Capricorn Clark.

Capricorn, who appeared on “I Want To Work For Diddy 2” and the former Global Brand and Viral Marketing Director for Sean Combs Enterprises has created her own clothing label “Owners”. And based on the press release, the “Owners” brand statement “Ne Plus Ultra” means “The highest point of excellence, achievement – The most profound degree as condition or quality”.

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Civil TV reports:

Lauren London amplifies her style with clean and unexpected details to give her fashion sense a pop of personality every time. “I’m very simple in my look,” she said during her sit down. “It’s very important to stick to who you are. [I’ll wear] the basic black shirt with the back out or [has] sheer to it so you think it’s just a basic black shirt. But when I turn my back, you see there’s something different.”


We trailed the L.A.-bred actress to Satine in Venice Beach, which carries the type of simple, high-end pieces Lauren loves. But no matter how easygoing the 29-year-old mommy is with her look, she has some strict style rules this summer. Timbs and cut-offs for ya girl? Nah.

“I just don’t want to see Timbs in the summertime in L.A. I don’t want to see it in L.A. anymore.”

In contrast to her character Kira’s playful, bright pops of color on BET’s The Game, the self-proclaimed Tupac fan sticks to a simple palate of color: blacks, whites and reds. Watch Lauren London’s shopping trip above.

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