If you were up surfing channels last night you might have caught “Rick Ross” as he made an appearance on Chelsea Lately.

He bumped gums with Chelsea and as normal they started the convo off bumpin about sex–of course.

Chelsea hilariously said she loves big black men. Ross proposed an elopement–but said he wants to skip the paper work. Chelsea said she’s ready to upgrade from 50 Cent to Ricky Rozay.

He also talked about his recent health scare… Rick Ross recalls his seizure and says he is “trying” to work on his health. Ricky Rozay was promoting his new album… “God Forgives, I Don’t”

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  1. That ugly broad chelsea likes any damn black man.. talking about big black men.. every time she has a blk man on her show ..she talk s about sex.. she is such a skank.. what a ugly broad!

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