NBA playerw Lamar Odom wants out of reality TV, Khloe struggling between family and fame. The former L.A. Laker is rumored to be ready to quit the extra camera time as he questions if it was the cause for his recent NBA trade. reports:

“Lamar wants out of the reality TV limelight, but Khloé is convinced that if Lamar doesn’t continue being on TV with her, there would be NO Khloé. The source adds, “The whole reason Khloé has become so popular is because of her marriage to Lamar. She obviously doesn’t want Lamar to be unhappy, but she knows that all the drama makes for good TV. Fame is Khloé’s number one priority. Unfortunately, this is what she has been taught. Same goes for Kim. Fame will always be more important that husbands and boyfriends.”

As for Lamar notions on reality TV life, this source explains:

“Lamar never thought that being part of the reality show would have such a huge impact on his life. And: “At the beginning, Lamar thought it would actually be fun to part of the show. But when he got let go from Lakers, he realized that the show was nothing but a distraction. The show started taking a toll on Lamar and Khloé’s relationship when he got traded. It was kind of a wake-up call for Lamar. He’s scared about his future and his career.”

“Of course, Lamar is not obligated to star in any more Kardashian reality shows, but Khloe would be devastated if he said no,” the source said. “Khloe may end up having to chose between her marriage or reality TV and fame. Is Kris ruining her daughters’ lives ?”

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  1. My goodnes.. what a bunch of fame seeking money grubbing idiots (those Kardashian)..I knew that reality famke seeking crap was gonna work.. who in their right mind wants their life in front of cameras as a source of income and a fake source at that! A wife is suppose to be with her husband and not say No more khloe.. if he doesnt star in that stupid reality show.. smdh at these people.. Lamar you asked for it.. should have watch what happened to Reggie Bush!

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