Sources are saying the Los Angeles Lakers and the LA Clippers have both stepped back from signing Lamar Odom due to his alleged drug addiction. But it looks like he still has a chance at playing basketball this season.


Lamar flew out to New York yesterday to meet with executives from multiple teams, and he’s bringing proof of his sobriety with him, according to a new report.

Lamar underwent blood and urine tests for drugs, and he tested NEGATIVE for drugs.

Lamar has reportedly been in talks with executives, and now he is meeting with them to potentially make a deal. He’s also planning to visit with family in New York to escape the “negative energy” surrounding him in LA. Sources tell the site that Lamar is over his alleged drug binge and he’s ready to play ball again.

Apparently Lamar Odom is telling friends that he’s “had his fun with drugs” and is now “ready to restart his basketball career.”

Gumbumpers, what do you think, should he pursue his career in the NBA or should he focus on getting help?


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