A security guard at the  LA Lakers training facility was arrested on Tuesday for (allegedly) stealing two championship rings and $20,000 in gift cards

Eddie Monterroso, 23, who worked at a Lakers training facility, was arrested Tuesday outside the facility, the El Segundo Police Department said.


The two championship rings were from the 2009 and 2010 seasons, police said.

A search of the suspect’s home on December 10 “yielded evidence of the theft as well as the championship rings,” according to an El Segundo Police Department statement.

He is facing charges of burglary and grand theft, police said.


The gift cards were going to be used by the team to give away as donations to community groups for Christmas, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The GREAT work of  the detectives, they quickly narrowed down their suspect and were able to retrieve $6,000 of the gift cards.


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