It’s no secret that Laila Ali isn’t to fond of Ronda Rousey. Back when Ronda wasn’t taking L’s and was undefeated, Laila said Ronda was too little to take her out and even referenced her to being as little as her three year old daughter. In a new interview with International Business Times, Laila makes it very clear that she wants everyone to stop comparing Ronda to her dad, Muhammad Ali.

“She’s pretty much been exposed,” Ali said. “She can’t take a punch. It doesn’t take anything away from her, what she did as a Judo champion, what she did in the Olympics. But she was basically built up by her promoter to be the best ever to fight, period, in any form of fighting, and it just never was true.”

“I’ve heard people say, ‘Well, Muhammad Ali lost, he’s still great,’” she said. “First of all, Muhammad Ali never lost like that. He never got in there and was made to look like a rag doll. And when he did lose, it was pretty much after he had been off for three years. He was in his prime, had to take time off, came back, fought the best, then he came back and had rematches against the best, so please don’t ever compare her to my father.”

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