La La Anthony is an ultimate hustler. She is the wife of a BALLER but, is still making her OWN ends… From TV to Film to Cosmetics to Author she is carving her own place in this world. And from the looks of it she’s not stopping anytime soon. I always say you should ride the wave for as long as you can.


La La stopped by to sit on Arsenio Hall’s couch to discuss her new book and lots of relationship stuff. Peep highlights and videos below.



On how her and Melo met:

A mutual friend of ours, Dj Clue, who I was actually doing a television show with was like ‘I want to introduce you to Carmelo Anthony, this basketball player and as soon as I heard the word ‘basketball player’ I was like absolutely not! I do not want to meet a basketball player because you hear the stereotypes and things people say but we were friends first and I talk about that in the book how when you develop a friendship with someone first it helps you last longer in a relationship.

On their age difference:

It absolutely did, he’s not that much younger than me! You know sometimes you have to break your own rules and you learn from trying different things and it worked for us.

On women allowing their men to have ‘free passes’, an opportunity to have sex outside of their marriage:

I think that is the absolute worst idea of all time. I just think you’re opening the floodgates to a lot of problems. Why would you allow your man to cheat on you and be okay with that? That just destroys the relationship, that’s just my opinion so I’m totally against that.

On women asking how to find a baller:

Always. I get that question a lot. You don’t try to get a baller, just be confident in yourself when you go out there and you’ll attract great energy and you’ll get the right kind of attention. Guys can tell when your desperate and thirsty and sometimes guys use that for negative things.

On how older men can spice up the bedroom:

For older men I would say you have to keep it spontaneous. You shouldn’t plan things, be spontaneous do different things. I’m not into ‘okay Wednesday at 5 o clock, this is what were gonna do, this is where were going to do it at.’ Be spontaneous, live a little, spice it up and think outside the box.

On if she applies the spontaneity in her personal life:

Absolutely…I’m very spontaneous.

On how to handle a man who is endowed:

My advice is…you better take that.


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