Looks like Lip Kit Kylie is branching into something other than makeup—skincare! Kylie announced Friday afternoon that she’d be launching a skincare line by the name of “Kylie Skin”. 

Congrats are in order to Kylie on another bag secured once again, but it seems like people have already started with the comparisons. There were rumors that Rihanna would be starting her own ‘Fenty Skin’ line as she trademarked the phrase. So, did Kylie Jenner beat her to the punch–or did she also have this under her sleeve all along?

Either way, both ladies are getting to the bag! If you’re wondering however, this is what Kylie had to say in an Instagram post along with her announcement: “Skincare and makeup go hand in hand and Kylie Skin was something i dreamt up soon after Kylie Cosmetics. I’ve been working on this for what feels like a lifetime so i can’t believe I’m finally announcing!”

She added, “Building my makeup line from the ground up has taught me a lot and I’m so blessed with that knowledge to apply to my brand new company! Birthing a whole new team, manufacturing, fulfillment etc separate from my cosmetics line was challenging but here we are!”

Congrats to Kylie on her new line! Will y’all be copping?


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