Chicago Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber has some serious power, and he showed it off during batting practice on Wednesday as he did some damage to a sign above the right field video board. 

The sign, advertising Budweiser beer, is in prime position to be hit by someone with Schwarber’s power, and that’s exactly what he did on Wednesday night: 

When the game got started, the red neon lights on the sign kicked on, but the left side of the sign was visibly dark as a result of Schwarber’s long ball: 

This isn’t Schwarber’s first encounter with the video board or the sign in right field. During a 2015 NLDS game against the St. Louis Cardinals, Schwarber parked a mammoth home run on top of the sign, which the Cubs would later put into a plexi-glass case: 

Schwarber didn’t end up hitting a home run in Wednesday’s game, but he did drive in a pair of runs as the Cubs prevailed over Cincinnati. 

Published 5 hours ago