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What do Kristen Stewart and Kim Kardashian have in common? These very different stars have been the focus of a certain man’s unwanted attentions.

Their “hater,” who is himself a celebrity, has publicly insulted both KStew and Kim K. His name? Craig, Daniel Craig. Yes, just as the Skyfall star once called Kim and her whole family “idiots,” the latest and least impressive “James Bond” recently dissed KStew by opining that she wouldn’t make a good Bond girl. Meow.


It all started when Robert Pattinson’s reconciled lady-love mentioned in an interview that she was interested in playing a Bond girl. When questioned in a recent interview, about the Breaking Dawn Part Two star’s ambition, Craig’s reply trashed not only Kristen Stewart but also the franchise that made her famous.

“Would she make a good Bond girl?,” Craig mused. “No, she’s in Twilight. “

After reconizing almost immediately, the taste of his own foot in his mouth, Danny Boy covered his tracks.

“No, I’m being nasty,” he admitted . “It’s only because the film [ Skyfall ] is coming out at the same time [as Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in Australia], we’re in direct competition! I’m sure she’d make a great Bond girl.”

Right. Oh well, at least Craig lied–er–explained his way out of that faux pas . Or did he?

It seems Daniel Craig has a real problem with successful women. No wonder Rachel Weisz has more or less disappeared from view since they married.

Just saying.

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