Former Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Kim Zolciak lost all her baby weight just 4 months after having her baby Kash.


The 34-year-old is showing off fantastic post-baby body in the latest issue of Life & Style  Magazine.The reality star revealed that she’s lost 30 lbs so far and that she intends to go down to a size 2.

“I’m a size 4 right now, and my goal is to get down to a size 2. I’m accepting that I’m going to have to hit the gym — my girls laugh and say there’s no chance, but I really think I’m going to have to,” she expressed to Life & Style.

Kim also revealed that she’s less than 10 lbs heavier than she was when she first got pregnant and that she believes breastfeeding may have helped her to shed a few pounds.

“I think breast-feeding helped me lose some weight, and I was really busy as soon as I got home with Kash. I went straight into filming my spin-off show, Don’t Be Tardy and I’m sure that helped. I just never sat still!”

Her slim-down doesn’t appear to be all luck though. The mom of four also dished on some of her healthy dieting habits.

“I don’t eat red meat or pork or much dairy, and I always eat in moderation.”

In case you were wondering, she also briefly touched on her departure from Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“I will be forever grateful for some of the moments that occurred on the show, but I couldn’t deal anymore. Being pregnant puts a whole new spin on everything, and what happens on the outside affects what happens with the baby on the inside, and that was my priority.”


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