Two old enemies came together in unity Friday night at the Lowes Hotel in Atlanta, GA, and the end result was total chaos and destruction! An eyewitness tells exclusively that Real Housewives of Atlanta, and sworn enemies, NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak ganged up against sometime fellow cast member, Dwight Eubanks, and a nasty altercation broke out.

“Dwight was at the hotel for what he thought was going to be a casual meeting,” the source tells “But instead the producers had their own plans as they brought in Kim and NeNe to confront Eubanks about several issues, only for Dwight to call them out.

“NeNe and Kim came storming into the hotel and got straight in Dwight’s face, accusing him of spreading lies about them and making up rumors.
“It was absolutely crazy! NeNe and Kim were both screaming at him, and he gave back as good as he got. Dwight started yelling at NeNe that she was nothing but a common prostitute and that she had hooked up with a married man, and he totally trash talked Kim too.

“NeNe lost her temper and attacked Dwight with a chair, breaking off a leg and Kim threw a vase at him! It was like a scene out of some crazy movie!

“Security rushed over and had to split them up, then NeNe and Kim stormed out.”

An insider close to the production tells that there has also been word that a lot of the establishments in Atlanta have not been welcoming of the cast and have banned them from their venues, making it hard for producers to film the show.

Monday night however, the Season 2 cast finally met the two new Housewives, Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks at a performance of Kandi Burruss.

The ladies stayed distant from the new Housewives for the most part, and of course there was drama as usual as Dwight showed back up to party with Cynthia and his close friend Phaedra Parks.

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