Okay #Roommates, since the news of Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima splitting has hit the net, the tea has been flowing and the Kardashian’s have been sippin’ alllllllllll day!

If you haven’t been caught up on the TEA, let me break it down for y’all! SO earlier Kourtney’s ex-bae Younes was spotted kiki-ing with some girl on vacay courtesy of some paparazzi photos circulating. But the real gag is the girl in the photo has also been linked to none other than TYGA (If you remember, he got kicked off of Kardashian island a while ago) but I digress.

Now, once Younes saw himself and his new TING plastered all over the internet, he took to his Instagram to basically say it’s not what it looks like!


But waymentttttt boo, y’all know Khloe wasn’t going to let that slide. So she stepped right on into The Shade Room and had Alexa send a not so subtle message.


Younes clearly was still feeling a way because he doubled down on his first response and posted a picture of the rest of the people he was with. Talkin’ ‘bout “YoU GuYs FAiLeD.”


Not to be outdone by Khloe, Kimberly joined the party in The Shade Room comments and let playboy know “WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU YOUNES!”


Kourtney has yet to comment, but clearly Kim and Khloe weren’t here for the pics AT ALL. They wasted no time to let her sister’s ex bae know that Kourt ain’t the one to play with and neither are they. Alexa play “We Are Family.”

Until then, sip, sip and sip some more on our IG page roomies: @TheShadeRoom!

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