Kim Kardashian was spotted doing what she does best, which is command loads of attention.  She hit up her Vanilla Cupcake Mix Launch party at Famous Cupcakes in Beverly Hills. 

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  1. maybe you should comment on your own and leave my comments alone.. i could care less about putting up a picture next to KIm;; puleaseeeee! at least im real!! YAWN.. moving along!!

  2. Sorry, I dont have to put a picture up but if i wanted to i would.. its not about me shes the one on here flaunting her assets not me, so dont make this about me,, and nobody is hating .. damn i can comment on the woman if i so please, i dont know her so how the hell can i hate her,, i hate what she stands for ., so get up oiff me!! @Kyle.. she can be a ten all she wants .. thats your business and i can not like her fakeness all i want .. what the hell is your problem, get up off me i never said she was ugly .. get it right , im talking about her fake butt and plastic surgery!!smdh!!

  3. Why do non-black women enhance their butts too have butts like black women…Most black women are blessed with butts…I feel sorry for women who feel like enhancing their size of their butt to feel sexy…It seems quite dangerous…she WAS cute but now she looks boarder line of looking plastic.

    I can't hate on someone who's FAKE, how did she become famous, Oh i forgot she sold her sex tape for 5 Mil

  4. She dresses cutesy most of the time to me. I just wish she would take off a pound of that makeup and stop “nip-tucking” her face.

    But what I’m noticing is her mom in the background looking like “Okay Kim, That’s enough of the front. Give them some more side shots. Okay now a back shot. HA HA HA Yep, that’s our little money maker.”

  5. @ Lady J From a man's perspective….. She is a ten. Sounds like you don't have yourself together and you're looking for somone to blame… Can't blame Kim

  6. So sick of her fake injected booty pad wearing self.. does she have stock in diapers… her booty looks so fake and its always up in our faces..if the butt was real she would have been used to it by now at age 30!!!

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