What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with your dungarees?!

Kim and Khloe Kardashian made themselves available to be photographed as they waited around to film a scene for one of their reality shows in Miami.

Kim wore a pair of green-ish, teal pants and Khloe a red pair, perhaps in tribute to the Holiday season.

Even if it was unintentional, the contrast makes for some fun festive photos!

The Huffington Post reported that Khloe wore a pair of red skinny jeans, while Kim wore a pair of bright green skinny jeans. The two sisters completed their looks with black muted tops. Khloe wore a black silk blouse.

Kim opted for a black blazer and black see-through t-shirt. She never seems to want to part with that matching blazer and t-shirt. Does she have anything else to wear?

She even traveled on a trip to Bahrain in theracy top with a pair of black leather times. This time, she dressed it up with festive pants.

The two sisters looked ridiculous from the front and from the behind. Their famous assets appeared to be stuffed in the ill-fitting skinny jeans. lol

Source – Huffingtonpost

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