Kid President is getting his own T.V. show this summer. 10-year-old Robby Novak, known for his inspirational viral videos, will be featured on the family-friendly Hub Network (partnership with Hasbro + Discovery Networks) with a variety program called ‘Kid President: Declaration of Awesome.’


“I want the whole world to work together,” Kid President said in his YouTube announcement on Wednesday. “So it’s T.V., y’all.”

The 10-episode, 30-minute program will begin in June and be produced by the SoulPancake television company, which is owned by actor Rainn Wilson.

So far, ten episodes have been green lit starting in June and each show will run for 30 minutes, according to Crystal Williams, director of corporate communications for Hub Network. Actor Rainn Wilson’s company, SoulPancake Television, is producing the show…he’s the dude from NBC’s The Office.

“Kid President is all about getting kids and grown­-ups to work together,” Wilson said. “This show is an amazing blend of humor and heart.”


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