The ex-wife and the widow of the late Robert Kardashian have both come forward to Star Magazine/Radar Online to say Khloe is actually her siblings’ sister from another mister.

“Khloe is not his kid. He told me that after we got married,” Jan Ashley, 63, the woman who married Robert after Kris Jenner, told Star. Star also quoted Ellen Kardashian, 63, who married Robert in 2003 two months before he died, saying Khloe was pretty open about it. “She looked nothing like the rest,” Ellen Kardashian told Star.

And just in case you haven’t read Kris Jenner’s memoir, inside, she admits to cheating on Rob Sr. during their marriage. Another ex-wife of his, Ellen Kardashian told Star that she knows for a fact that Kris and Rob Sr. weren’t even sexually involved during the time Khloe was conceived, but that “he never would have considered a DNA test…he loved her very much.”

So do we believe this, because Khloe does look a little different?

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