Keyshia Cole is currently busy preparing her next studio offering which is due to hit stores later this year. Toxic, the producer of ‘Trust’ (Cole’s duet with Monica), spoke candidly about about one of the tracks on the record which will feature fellow R&B singer Tank. Peep what he had to say below:

“We’re doing a lot of new records for her. We got a hot record coming with her and Tank in the future, so ya’ll can be on the lookout for that,” he revealed.Fans of “Trust” will be pleased with the new offering. “I produced ‘Trust’ so it’s somewhere around there,” shared Toxic. “A slow ballad, duet type of record. I guess she comes to me for the duets.”

When asked if it would be a potential single, he replied, “Probably so. It’s a hot record, so you never know, but at the end of the day, I think it’s a gem.”

Keyshia returned to the stage, performing with B.o.B and Eminem at the BET Awards, for the first time since giving birth. “She’s very passionate about her music and it only brings out the best in me when I work with her,” added Toxic

This news is bittersweet. As much as a duet with Tank would be appreciated, Cole’s seems to be repeating the same formula to which she has grown accustomed. Yes her understanding of her target audience is respectable but if she wishes to attract more mainstream attention, she will have to branch out of the same breakup/love song combos that defined her last studio album, ‘A Different Me’. Moreover, a few vocal lessons to improve her live performances won’t hurt either because that 2010 BET Awards performance of B.o.B’s ‘Airplanes (Part 2)’ was not the business.

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