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Kevin McCall is speaking out on what REALLY went down between him and his daughter’s mother Eva Marcille after that alleged confrontation, which resulted in Eva filing a restraining order against him. He also reveals their quick pregnancy, the drama he had with Chris Brown, and more.

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In a new interview with VladTV, singer-songwriter Kevin McCall goes down memory lane, explaining how he and “Top Model” chick Eva Marcille went from being madly in love to literally NOT speaking to one another.

Nowadays, these two can’t seem to find a happy medium to co-parent for the well being of their one-year-old daughter Marley Rae. But it was all-good a couple years ago!

Kevin first talked about how he and Eva–who dated rapper Flo rida before him–first met at a Chris Brown concert. He said she asked for his digits after she saw him perform “Deuces” onstage alongside Breezy. Hmph.

Soon after, the two became serious…fast! And Eva was soon pregnant with their daughter about 2-3 months after their initial meeting.

He said marriage became a hot topic once she became pregnant. He claims she was pressuring him to get married, wanting to go to the Justice of the Peace before the birth of their baby girl. Kevin said he wasn’t ready, and her pressuring him often made him feel uncomfortable.

Then, he went on to talk about the day that an alleged physical altercation went down. You’ll recall, Eva filed a restraining order and filed for custody of their one-year-old daughter Marley (who celebrated her birthday this past weekend). A judge granted both of her wishes. He INSISTED he never abused r. However, he did admit he kicked down a door in HIS studio.

The R&B singer also revealed Eva asked him to move BACK in after everything went down… and she did! According to him, she wanted to put it all behind them and still wanted to get married. But there was one problem: Once the story about him abusing her spilled into the media, she spoke out to denounce the allegations that he hit her. He said she advised him to keep quiet about it and it would go away, so that’s what he did. But clearly, it was too much for him to handle, so he decided to leave for good.

Remember when he posted those videos of him and Eva arguing to Instagram? Well, he said he that because she made him look like a woman beater. That conversation went down about a month ago, and they have not spoken since! Yikes.

Getting into his professional life a bit, he talked about bitterness he felt towards Chris Brown (who he is signed to) after Breezy (who signed him to CBE) stopped signing off on new deals which caused the money flow to stop.

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In another interview clip with VladTV, he talked about the time he had to CHECK Chris Brown after he got upset that he decided to work with Keke Palmer. Oh? Check it below:

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