Last week Kevin and Eniko Hart threw a cowboys and indians themed birthday party for their son Kenzo’s first birthday.

“Zo’s cowboys & indians party was nothing but amazing! Thanks to everyone for coming.. we love you guys!” Eniko wrote on #Instagram, along with a picture of family and friends dressed up in Native American attire.

While the celebration seemed harmless, some people on social media called the couple out for the birthday party, claiming the theme was offensive and disrespected Native American heritage.

“Disgusting. This is equivalent to having a kkk and black slaves party. #interminorityappropriation,” wrote one Twitter user. Others urged the Harts to look at the party celebration from a different perspective, comparing it to blackface and insensitive for using native culture and garments as costumes.

Several people pointed out that there are similarities between blackface and playing Indian, claiming they both act on stereotypes and have racist histories.

Others defended the Harts and said those complaining about the birthday party were being overly sensitive.

“I truly hope you and Kevin don’t apologize for this!!…Welcome to the generation of offended. It’s a sad day when a child can’t even have an innocent cowboy and indian themed party,” @through1eye wrote to Eniko.

Eniko nor Kevin have yet to respond to the criticism.

#Roommates, what are your thoughts on the party? Let us know!

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