Kenya Moore’s adorable terrier Velvet has been a frequent presence on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Sadly, Kenya was forced to say goodbye to her beloved pooch far too soon, as Velvet was killed by another dog.


She may receive constant criticism on Facebook, but it was hard for Real Housewives Of Atlanta viewers to trash talk Kenya Moore during last night’s episode, as she spent the entire time crying about the loss of her canine friend.

The reality star shared the tragic news as her aunt rushed to her side. The reality star sobbed:

“I let [Velvet] outside and then I heard her screaming. I ran outside. She was on the other side of the gate. The dog had her in its mouth, dangling her.”

After the attack, Kenya rushed Velvet to the veterinarian. Sadly, it was already too late. “I told her not to leave me. I could just see her letting go.

Kenya felt guilty that she wasn’t able to protect her dog, but her aunt believed that Velvet’s death could be a sign that a child may finally be on the way. She asked Kenya if it would be possible for her to show a baby the same kind of love she had shown Velvet.

Amazingly enough, Kenya managed to keep quiet about her dog’s death prior to the airing of yesterday’s episode. Last night, she received an outpouring of support on Twitter, with fans sharing their favorite memories from Velvet’s brief stint on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.


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