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Kenya Moore was fired last night during one of the most dramatic “Celebrity Apprentice” boardroom showdowns ever. Watch it all go down inside and see clips from Kenya’s press tour where she jabs Vivica A. Fox and Nene Leakes.

If you noticed #ToxicTrick trending on Twitter last night, it was coined by “Kill Bill” star Vivica A. Fox during a profanity-laced confrontation with “RHOA” star Kenya Moore. The two “Celebrity Apprentice” stars went toe-to-toe and word-for-word after Vivica accused Kenya of stealing her cell phone. The fight was so nasty, famed tv new anchor Geraldo joked that being between Kenya and Vivica was worse than going back to Afghanistan (where he did on the ground reporting in war zones). Damn!

Watch Kenya get fired and called the “B” word here:

Following last night’s firing, Kenya headed to NYC where she appeared on “Today” and “Wendy”. Here are highlights from both interviews where major shade was thrown at Nene Leakes and Vivica A. Fox. Oh, and she addressed that sticky cell-phone stealing situation.

On “Phonegate”
I don’t think anyone can make sense of that.

Did she steal Vivica’s phone?
Ultimately that’s what she claimed. It was an accusation. There was no basis for that. This is just another brick thrown at me and I think successful women build a foundation on the bricks thrown at them.

During her conversation with “WENDY”

On if she stole Vivica’s phone
Absolutely not. I think the whole thing is quite ridiculous. I don’t think I needed to send out a tweet or take someone’s phone to win. I was a strong player from the beginning. So I didn’t need to resort to such ridiculousness.

Saying she didn’t steal Vivica’s cell phone:
I think people are entitled to their opinion. If you want to believe that it’s true, you believe it. If you don’t, you don’t. I think that I was made a scape goat. They tried to fire me the week before and I fought my way out of it. I made a bad decision in terms of the creative and that’s why I was eventually fired.

Her jabs at Vivica:
“Nobody talks about her face…”
“I never attack women on their looks. I have been a natural girl. I’ve never tried to turn myself in Maleficent.”
“But if I ever need a little tune up, or need to go to the doctor I don’t judge….but go have some good work.”

On her “Celebrity Apprentice” appearance:
This show is a meritocracy. So we should be winning on or own merit and what we can bring to the table. I had a lot to bring to the table.

On pulling out all stops to win
Well if pulling out the stops means being the most ghetto and ratchet person on tv at the moment, then I guess so. I don’t want to bend over and stoop to that level because I might tilt my crown. So I just stay above that.

On Nene:
Well, she tried it. It’s nonsense. Nene from day one has been the biggest agitators on our show. She slandered everyone. Last week, she called Claudia [Jordan] a half breed. Said she had so much sex she doesn’t have her female parts anymore. And she called her the “W” word no one likes to hear. And she intimated that I lied about the Apollo [Nida] situation. Really, I need to send her a cease and desist for whoever makes her wigs.

On alleged Lupita Nyong’o drama:
I’m a huge fan and I was in my feelings. I saw her and I was like Oh my god it’s Lupita. She’s a chocolate girl, she won an Academy Award. so of course I’m going to be in support of her. My friend went to ask for a picture and she was turned her down. I was trying to get a pic with Taylor Swift and she was taking pics with everyone. Everyone was taking pics. I’m still a fan. I still want her to win.

After her firing, Kenya posted a few words about her “Celebrity Apprentice” experience on Instagram saying,

“That’s it for me #teamtwirl! Thank you all for riding with me. You all saw the set up last week but I fought my way through it. I tried to be gracious and refrain from losing my cool. Even though the show was shot nearly a year ago, I came in defending myself against people gunning for me and left doing the same. At the end of the day I won $20,000 for the Detroit Public Schools Foundation. Please donate to this amazing charity at Intelligent people know you cannot believe someone playing a game to eliminate you. Please help to educate the kids of Detroit. We are resilient and even when we are knocked down we get up. #GoBigOrGoHome #CelebApprentice”

So, do YOU think Kenya’s appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice” will impact her brand?

Photo via Kenya’s Instagram

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