Last Monday, #KeishaKnightPulliam escorted her tv dad, #BillCosby, into court on the first day of his trial. Pulliam received tons of backlash for the gesture, even more so from her soon-to-be ex-husband #EdHartwell. He claimsthat by doing this, Pulliam violated their child custody agreement, as he was supposedly scheduled to spend time with their daughter.

Ed’s story was shut down today thanks to Keisha providing documentation to TMZ. According to the documents, Ed never reserved the location for his supervised visits although he’s required to do so at least a week ahead of time. That left Keisha with the freedom to leave for Philly which she claims her estranged husband had no objection to.

Keisha also provided an email to TMZ in which she notified Ed that he would not be getting visitation since he did not provide the location for the visit.


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