Comedian Katt Williams was been arrested… again. The comedian was taken in to custody on Dec. 28 after police say he endangered his four children. According to TMZ, there were numerous guns and various drugs found in his home. The LAPD arrested him after an investigation by Children and Family Services.


TMZ caught up to him after his bail and he doesn’t seem very concrite. In fact, he asked, “How do you keep kids safe without guns?”

In the video, Katt says, “They took my children from me. How terrible is that?” The videographer asks about the guns found in his home and Katt says what sounds like, “They’ll always find guns, I never leave without it, girlfriend.” He denies that he had drugs in the home, as was reported.

Katt, claims the guns were in a lock box that the police broke. He also alleges that the police have been to his house nine times.

Katt has one biological child and adopted seven more.

“Katt is still in custody … being held on $100,000 bail.

TMZ  asked Katt, if he has any New Year’s Eve resolutions, he cracks: “Yeah, be white.”

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