Katt Williams is back in the news again… and if you think it’s because someone else is suing him.. you guessed right and if you guessed an assault allegation is involved… you get a bonus!

Anyways, the comedian’s former assistant, Yadira Torres, is suing him for unspecified damages after accusing Katt of verbal and physical assault, TMZ reports. 

Yadira is claiming that she is the reason why Katt was thrown in jail last July after he allegedly punched her while they dined at the Sportsmen’s Lodge restaurant in Studio City.

Katt is also being accused of  “restraining” Yadira in a hotel room for three hours as a form of “punishment.” She also says that he never paid her properly and was once stuck at an airport in Atlanta for a day because she had no money to get back home.


Moral of the story…. leave Katt alone!

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Source: http://m.tmz.com/#article/2017/03/22/katt-williams-sued-punched-woman/

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