Last week, Rihanna tweeted a message that many interpreted as a racist jab at Chris Brown’s Vietnamese girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The tweet had linked to a photo of a bag of rice cakes dressed up in Karrueche’s signature sunglasses (Ray Charles) and hoop earrings and included the message “Imma make you my b*tch,” a reference at Karrueche. In case you missed check it out here.

Karrueche shot back, though, posting on her Facebook,I’m Angeline, youre Jen. C’mon you see where Brad is at, referencing the famous Angelina/Brad/Jennifer Aniston love triangle in which Angelina ultimately won out.

Oh, and to Karrueche, the name is Angelina not Angeline!!

Gumbumpers, I got $10 on RiRi…who do you have??

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  1. I’m going for RiRi, cuz Coochie Tran don’t have a chance unless she know some Taekwondo or something. You know RiRi is from those Islands, and they don’t play.

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