Looks like it’s over for REAL for Karrueche Tran and R&B singer Chris Brown. Karrueche took to her twitter page, and posted a few diss tweets for Breezy.

What do you think Gumbumpers??



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  1. CI'm really unsure how to feel about Breezy these days. I mean, he def f**ked up in the past. But is he allowed to be forgiven or do we hold that over him forever? Rih forgave him apparently. But what about the rest of society?


    • I definitely agree. I really think people should realize that if Rih would let him be forgiven and live his life, then who are we to judge him and hold a grudge. He a great artist and I really hope he finds happiness cause it looks like he's struggling to find it.

  2. Lol – people be killing with these "DISS" tweets.. then later turn around and say their Twitter got Hacked… I wonder what she will say later.. "( I was just smelling my finger")

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