Karrueche Tran just missed ex-boyfriend (or 1/3 of their current love triangle, depending on who you believe) Chris Brown at L.A.’s Tru nightclub earlier this week. It seems she knew where Breezy would be, but he left shortly before she walked through the door. The near miss was a bit disappointing for her.

According to a report from Opposing Views, lots of recent rumors say Karrueche, Chris Brown, and Rihanna are involved in a love triangle, but this week also heard both Rihanna and Breezy denying that they are a couple. So who knows what the relationship status is of all three of these people?

It is very plain to see that despite a break up a few weeks back, Karrueche is still interested in Chris.

When she didn’t find him at the nightclub, however, she still stuck around and had some fun.

While Karrueche and Chris were dodging (not intentionally, though, right?) each other at the nightclub, Rihanna was on the other side of town walking the runway at Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show. Do you think Chris Brown was headed in that direction when he missed Karrueche Tran at the club?

Do you think any one of these three people know what direction they’re going in at all? Will Chris and Rihanna ever become an official couple? And if so, where will that leave Karrueche?

Above all else in this love triangle debacle, do any of you really care?

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