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Kloss proves that you have
to be strong to carry wings.

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  • Supermodel Karlie Kloss
    shared her final hardcore workout before the 2017 Victoria’s
    Secret Fashion Show

    in a
  • Kloss begins with three to five rounds of lower body
    exercises: 20 wide-stance sumo squats, 30 seconds of banded
    walks, 12 reps of split squats, 10 plank crossovers on each
    side, and one minute of walking lunges with a weight pass
  • Next, the model fires up her core with three to five
    rounds of an ab circuit: 40 mountain climbers on each side, one
    minute of modified V-ups, and 10 side plank twists on each
  • In the final segment of her workout, Kloss tones her
    glutes with one round of donkey kicks, corner kicks, and fire
    hydrants — doing 12 reps and 20 pulses for each of the three
  • The dedicated supermodel proves that every workout
    really does count.
  • Watch her full workout in the video below.

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