Kany West ex-fiance Alexis Phifer? Well the stylist and designer sat down with VIBE magazine to discuss where she is in her life right now, her HIGHLY PUBLICIZED life with Kanye & Amber Rose.

Vibe Exclusive Interview with Alexis Phifer

Even though you were making moves pre-spotlight, many folks were introduced to you via Kanye West. How have these last years been with less media attention?

I think after experiencing being with somebody that is a celebrity, it’s really nice to have your anonymity. I’m a mom so I would much rather be able to be out with my son and have nobody recognize me. I really think that’s a cool thing as opposed to doing red carpets or something like that, but only if it’s really pertaining to my line because that’s what I’m trying to sell… I’m not really trying to sell myself.

Guess we can assume there will never be an Alexis reality show?
(Laughs) I’ve been approached a few times… I don’t know, first and foremost I’m a mother and I just feel like it’s important to be represented a certain way and it’s a lot to put your image and the things you say, or how you’re perceived into someone else’s hand and I just haven’t been comfortable with that. Now if it was something like a documentary style, maybe. But I’m not interested in fighting with some girl or talking about my ex because those relationships are personal. I mean the album [808s & Heartbreak was bad enough at first, but a TV show, I don’t know, it would have to be real tasteful.

True. Reality shows are very tempting though. It’s an easy thing to do for an extra check.
It is very tempting, but I’m also kind of shy, so I’d probably just be awkward honestly. It definitely is tempting, especially since I’m a designer and I need every check I can get because it’s so expensive to have a line. But God will order my footsteps, however that’s supposed to pan out, it will.

Another one of Kanye’s exes, Amber Rose, once went on the radio and said something to the effect of “You see Kanye’s other ex, he was with her for six years, took her the same places and no one even remembers her name now…” Did that sting?
I believe that you get what you want out of a situation and Kanye will tell you, that I didn’t [want that attention]. It’s weird. I’ll get on the red carpet and over-criticize myself. I don’t want that attention. She wanted that and that’s what she got out of it. But if I want to go toKing magazine right now and be in a sexy bathing suit I’m sure I’d generate some type of interest. It’s just the decisions you make that put you where you are. She is where she’s at because that’s where she wants to be and I’m where I’m act because that’s where I want to be also. I was kind of like “Girl please.” I just laughed that off, brushed that one right off my shoulders. She doesn’t really know what she’s saying, so I can’t even be mad at here. She doesn’t even know the half.

What was your reaction to seeing those two for the first time?

I think that at that point, you know sometimes you go through things and you’re like “I just want to do something different” and I think that’s what he was experiencing at that time so he just did something different. Not to say that she’s bad and I’m good, nothing like that, but that’s just what he wanted at that time.

If you had to give any type of advice to Amber since she’s now an infamous Kany West ex, what you would tell her?

I have no comment on that. I just have no words for her. But I wish her luck in her future, everybody deserves somebody. 

Let’s put one more rumor to rest – did you ever have a gag order? 

Hell no! Because seriously when Kanye and I first met he wasn’t as major as he is now and we were real friends, so how do I ask my friend who’s been there for so long and all of sudden be like ‘You can’t say this.’ Like no, I’m not doing that. He wouldn’t even ask. 

Think you’d date another rapper?

 I don’t think I would date another rapper. I don’t foresee it.

What are the three most important lessons you’ve learned from being in this crazy industry?

I’ve learned that no matter what, you always have to be yourself and hold your head up high and have respect for yourself. I’ve learned that the industry can get a bad rep, but if you’re able to be around certain people and experience new things, just take it as something that’s good and learn from it and be inspired by it because there is definitely inspiration. And about being in a high profile relationship… just keep your business to yourself.

For the life of me, I have NO IDEA why Kanye would go from this to Amber Rose! Hmph! I guess he really did just wanna try something ‘different’.

Via: Vibe

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