Kanye West reportedly lashed out at LAX on Monday.  For the second (or more) time.  As he and his assistant boarded their flight from LA to NYC after the Grammys, they were seated in Business Class instead of First Class.

Apparently he started willin’ out again at flight attendants and screaming about how he is demanding First Class.  In all fairness, maybe he bought the first class seats so he simply wanted what he bought.  And didn’t just rely on getting bumped up.  Either way, witnesses partook in the pleasure of the temper tantrum. 

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  1. They are testing him, lol. I’m sure LAX employees know who is he by now to mistake his seating (all the news coverage,etc with the paps).

  2. He is so Fuck#in' GAY….. I can't stand a BITCH in men's clothes begging for attention….. Stop fuck#in yourself B4 U get yourself pregnant…

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