Kanye West’s grandfather Portwood Williams Sr is convinced that the rapper’s marriage to Kim Kardashian will not last and said that he won’t attend the impending nuptials.


West recently took the reality star to meet his grandfather and though Portwood liked Kardashian, he believes that nobody today works hard enough to make a marriage work, reported Sun Online.

Portwood, 97, was left stunned when his grandson turned up with his girlfriend at his home in Oklahoma City.

“I don’t do weddings. I don’t like weddings. I’ve never seen one make it. You spend a lot of money, then in weeks you’re separated,” he said.

Portwood also said that all of his daughters didn’t make it, which included West’s mother and father.

About Kardashian he said, “She’s beautiful and just as sweet as she is beautiful – and that’s what I like. She was down to earth, she’s rich and those kind of people have got everything.”


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