kanye-performs-in-adidas-ultra-boost-1While everyone was out last night popping champagne Ron Browz style celebrating the 2016 mark, Kanye West decided to treat the fans with a new single “Facts,” a record calling out Nike and boasting about how he oversold the Jordan Brand.

The single kicks off with a soulful sample which had me thinking Kanye went back to his soulful roots, then the beat drops and it turns into a trap-banger. Like it or not I guarantee you that this song will make crazy amounts of noise in the club scene and radio. Many people may ask is this track a diss to Drake and Future’s single “Jumpman,”? no I don’t think so but it is referenced a lot in this song, including the vibe and feel which has the same flow.

Buzzworthy lines include:

“If Nike Ain’t Have Drizzy, Man They Would Have Nothing,”

“I stuck to my roots like i’m jimmy fallon, i didn’t drop an album, but the shoes went platinum,”

“Nike Treat employees just like salves, gave Lebron a billi not to run away”

“Does Anybody Feel bad for Bill Cosby, Did he forget the names Just Like Steve Harvey”

Look out for Kanye’s forthcoming new album SWISH, to release sometime this year.

Give Kanye West latest release a spin below.

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