Rapper Kanye West is reportedly happy to move in with Kim Kardashian’s family while they adjust to parenthood.


The 36-year-old is set to move in with his girlfriend’s mother, Kris Jenner, as soon as she is able to leave hospital with their new baby daughter, who was born five weeks premature.

A source said Kanye, thinks the move is “a good idea”. The insider added: “

All that”s going to happen is that the family is going to wait on Kim hand-and-foot and do everything around the house while she and Kanye just chill with the baby. That sounds like a deal. It”s like first class service all the way at Kim”s mom”s house.

The source also revealed that the couple, who are reportedly eager to tie the knot later this year, can”t wait to bring their baby home, explaining: “They want to take their girl home and love her and begin this journey together.

The couple will move in to their own new $9 million home in Bel Air as soon as the renovations are complete.

Kim, 32, and Kanye have yet to reveal their daughter’s name.

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