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Kanye West returned to the Breakfast Club this morning to chop it up about his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, weigh in on Tyga dating his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner, his wife Kim K posing nude for magazines, and having his daughter North West on the front row at fashion shows and much more.

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Ever since Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian went AT IT on Twitter (and it got ugly…check here, here & here) earlier this week, we’ve all been waiting to hear how Kanye West feels about it. And now he’s finally speaking out.

In an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this morning, Kanye weighed in on may things, such as rapper Tyga dating his 17-year-old sister-in-law Kylie Jenner (“I think he got in early, I think he was smart”), he throws a few jabs at his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose (“I had to take thirty showers before I got with Kim”), on having his daughter North West front row at his fashion show during NYFW (“No one can tell me where to have my child or not”), on Beyonce and his wife Kim Kardashian West’s relationship (“They love each other”), Mrs. Carter getting inspiration from Kim (“When Beyonce is working on her album, she has pictures of Kim on the wall because Kim represents powerful women”) and more.

Below are the highlights:

On Tyga dating 17-year-old sister-in-law Kylie Jenner:

“I think he got in early, I think he was smart [laughs]. They are closer in age than a lot of relationships that I know. I knew Tyga was smart.” Then he said, “I can’t speak on nobodies relationship.”

On his ex-Amber Rose:
“She’s just soaking in the moment. If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be an Amber Rose. It’s very hard for a woman to wanna be with someone that’s with Amber Rose. I had to take thirty showers before I got with Kim.”

On Kim sending him naked pictures while he was with Amber:
“I wish.”

On his wife Kim Kardashian West posing nude for Paper magazine:
“I think that with my wife, now that she has access to high level photographers, it’s important for her to stand up in all of her glory and all of her power. Her power is in her body, it’s in her nudity. Her power is in her mind, power is in her family, but body is one of her powers. She’s going to always have that body, but she’s going to have mind, family and she’s going to create a legacy. But, she can get naked if she wants to, it’s not illegal to get naked.”

On if he thinks the Kardashian brand has hurt the Kanye West brand:
“No, it helped. It just shows my ability to bridge the gap.”

On having North West front row at his fashion show:
“No one can tell me where to have my child or not.”

On Beyonce & Kim K’s relationship:
“They love each other. They respect each other. When Beyonce is working on her album, she has pictures of Kim on the wall because Kim represents powerful women. Kim plays the ‘7/11′ video. Maybe there’s a LeBron James/Kobe element to it.”

On taking up for Beyonce:
“Beyonce don’t need no help. People look at Beyonce because she’s rich, a beautiful woman and talented and so they figure she has everything, so she don’t need nothing else. But I think she needs the proper accolades because she’s an inspiration.”

On Beck:
“The other day I went to dinner with Taylor Swift and ironically they were playing the Beck album. I was listening and I was like ‘Man, this is kinda good’.” He said he hadn’t heard the Beck album before for his rant after this year’s Grammys.

On why he chose to have Dame Dash present him the BET Honors Award:
“Because he presented me to the world and I wouldn’t have had a record deal if it wasn’t Dame Dash.”

On deciding to ride with Jay Z over Dame:
“It was an extremely visionary move on my part, to roll with Jay Z. I mention Dame in a lot of raps but the story is not done. It made more sense for me career wise to roll with Jay even though Dame had supported me. I wonder, where would we be if I had rolled with Dame. I came to Roc-A-Fella because Jay Z was my idol and it would have been hard for me at that young state to separate from my idol. That was a decision I made, do I say that there was some disloyalty in that? Yea, I’ll own up to that. Is it anything me and Dame can do together now to make money? Yea. We’re [Ye & Dame] going to work on films. Dame is like the original person who understood culture. You definitely have to say Dame is a real n*gga.”

On auto-tune:
“I don’t like auto-tune either, but I need it. I can bend my voice and other things and I like to do that.”

On his YEEZY 750 BOOST sneakers:
“I didn’t want them to be limited actually that’s something that the company did. I really wanted as many people to get them as possible. I don’t want the price to be $350. I don’t want to play this sneaker culture game. I just want people to have what I made.”

Yeezy also talked about his relationship with Minister Farrakhan, his upcoming album, why he decided to stay quiet about Eric Garner & Mike Brown situations, possibly working on a joint album with Drake and more.

Check his full interview below:

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