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Kanye West is talking again. This time around, he says he feels discriminated against because he is NOT gay, his wife and her family deserve all the Emmys in the world, and more. Get it all inside…

So, fashion designer/rapper/etc/. Kanye gave another 2-hour “candid” interview. he sat down with SHOWStudio…and it was many things.

We’ll just give you the quickie version with nuggets that will be circulating for days:.

“My wife and her family shoulda had plenty of Emmys by now,’ ‘I feel proud to be in a family that has so many people breaking ground for the generations to come. It’s like, whoa, reality show! That’s so f***ing new as an art form. “

So the umpteen other reality shows that came on before them didn’t break the reality ground? Not even The Osbournes…who were the first to do the family reality show? Oh.

‘But reality shows are considered to be like rap was when the Mondrian wouldn’t let Run-D.M.C. and motherf***ing Will Smith stay there because they were rappers. Or the idea of a reality star not being allowed into a fashion show or not being nominated for their show even if it’s the longest running, and the most popular, and everybody I know watches it and s***.’ Well, since reality stars swear they aren’t acting — we’re not really sure what the skill set involved is. We know what the skill set for rap is.


‘And Bruce just got off the exit sign and drove as fast as he wanted to!’ he said before realizing his mistake….I’m sorry it’s disrespectful to use that name. I’m still getting acquainted with what’s politically correct. It’s new. It’s modern.’


‘Any situation you’re in, you’re going to worry about raising your kids,’ the Adidas designer explained. It’s champagne problems. There’s people who can’t feed their kids. I’m alive. I’m breathing. We did a show. It’s selling. We’re doing a second season. I don’t have no problems.’


‘I’m happy for the normal reasons to be happy. Because I married the woman of my dreams and I have a beautiful daughter and so many beautiful people around me. I have a son on the way. I have a lot of life ahead of me, and I have the opportunity to be completely rogue and the ability to support myself being who I am.’


“I definitely think generally rap is misogynistic,” he said, after a pause. “Not that that’s justifying the culture….There was a time when we had Afrocentric rap, and everybody was more like how Common is – ‘my queen’ and all that,” he said.
“So let’s take that to the idea of a black male in America, not getting a job, or getting fucked with at his job, or getting fucked with by the cops or being looked down upon by this lady at Starbucks. And he goes home to his girl … and this guy is like … you just scream at the person that’s the closest to you.” West linked the use of misogynistic and violent language in rap to a “lack of opportunities” before switching tack and discussing hatred and racism.


“I feel like I got discriminated in fashion for not being gay,” he said. “In music, you definitely get discriminated in music if you are gay. It takes amazing talents to break down barriers. Everyone thought that when Frank Ocean dropped that it was going to be bad for his career. I feel like it’s so cliché to speak about him as it relates to this subject, but there are people who broke the ground and he broke the ground. The people that break the stereotypes make history.”


[About Caitlyn Jenner] “The first thing I thought about was a black radio show host maybe possibly making jokes because the black culture is generally homophobic,” he said. “Then it was like, ‘Fuck what people say. Fuck what people think.’ I feel proud to be in a family that has so many people breaking ground for generations to come. I’m still getting acquainted to what’s politically correct [to say].”

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