@Kandi Shares Photo Of Her On The Beach After Kenya ‘Bumps Gums’ On Her Weight

Kandi Burruss’ weight seems to be a constant subject on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya Moore takes shots, Nene has taken a few shots, but it reality Kandi’s body type is that of an avearge black chyc. We have always been known to have booty and hips. Even Beyonce is shapely. Just because, you’re shapely doesn’t mean you are unhealthy. This is the image that society is creating a stigma against. It’s sad. Little girls all over the world are looking up to these celebs and for them to say that being curvacious is bad, we have a problem!

Well, Kandi has been tweeting and Instagraming about it and I’m sure it bothers her with the negative anecdotes that come along with it from her counterparts. She went on vacay for the Christmas holiday with her beau Todd and their daughters.


kandi kenya beef< Kandi shared pics of herself on the beach in a swimsuit and asked about her weight. Gumbumpers, what do you guys think? #SoundOff

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