Oh my, the shade was in full effect last night on Bravo. Nene Leakes threw a dash of shade in EVERY direction. She really surprised me last night. It’s sad to see someone come from nothing turn so cold hearted and so ugly. Then act like the world is against them. Wow!

So, Nene in her own un-humbleness was called out on the remark she made about the other cast members not being on her level of success. But, if I recall Kandi has been rocking in fame since the EARLY 90’s, right? So, I dunno what bubble Mrs. Leakes has been living in but, it was burst loud and clear. Some of Kandi’s fans took to social media to express their upset with how she dissed the other women specifically Kandi.

Kandi reposted this pic to shut Nene down:


Gumbumpers, what are your thoughts on the drama?

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