“Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans agonized with Kandi Burruss a few years ago when her fiancé was tragically killed, but now they’re rejoicing that Kandi’s found love again, and she may have Phaedra Parks to thank.

“I’m in a relationship right now, dating. His name is Todd, and he’s a great guy,” Kandi revealed on the “RHOA” reunion show.

Kandi didn’t disclose much about Todd Tucker, but she did specify that he was part of the show’s crew. “He handles and deals with stuff with the budget and all that,” she said.

The songwriter and reality star heard about her new beau before she met him. His reputation preceded him as Phaedra and other friends suggested she give the man some face time.

“I didn’t really see him a lot, but I used to hear Phaedra say, ‘Did you see that Todd? He’s cute.’ Then, a friend of mine, was like, ‘I know somebody who likes you’ and they said his name was Todd,” Kandi explained.

Friends’ endorsements never hurt when it comes to meeting a new guy, and Phaedra had nothing but good things to say about Todd.

“I met Todd, and he was really a cute guy, and we talked, and he was just very articulate, really nice, real down to earth,” Phaedra said. “I want Kandi to have a great relationship, and I was pushing him.”

While Kandi didn’t see much of Todd at first, they’ve been hanging out quite a bit since the cast’s trip to Africa. Unfortunately, viewers weren’t privy to the budding romance, but apparently there was more to the trip than orphanage talk and arguments.

“When we were in Africa on the last day of the trip, we hung out and we had so much fun, and we kept communicating after,” she said.

The single mother said things have moved quickly for the couple, and she considers herself in love. As a matter of fact, she and Todd are planning to take things to the next level soon.

“We about to move into a new place together,” she said.

Maybe fans will get to meet Todd whenever “RHOA” returns for season 5.


Photo: straightfromtheA

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